viernes, 2 de julio de 2010

Improving Arab World Water Resources

Nile water at Aswan dam in Egypt

An optimum use of water is essential to satisfy Arab world demands. That includes improving the irrigation systems to use agricultural water more efficiently and too choosing the adequate crops to reduce water use. Quality control of the present water flows, controlling pollution sources and overexploitations of present resources is vital. Treatment of wastewater is necessary. Improving the water supply networks and social habits using water is essential in order to improve drinking water quality and reduce its wasting.
Moreover, to increase Arabic resources in water and to satisfy local and national water needs, the best way is by wisely using the mediums that Arabic countries have. Sunshine is almost always available around all the year in the Arabic Countries. It is a free energy. These countries have too their recourses in gas and oil that can be used not only, but too in combination with sunshine in concentrated solar power plants when it is not sunny to produce electrical energy that can be used for water desalination.Plans to power water desalination plants by solar energy have begun in Arabic Gulf countries.
There is a long way to run; however as soon as you take this train in research and developing the most economically and technically viable technologies, you will earlier reach to comply with your water needs. You too show this way to other countries that are water thirsty but have a lot of sunshine and seawater.
You have to plan not only for your actual water country’s needs but too for the future development and generations. Using nuclear energy for water desalination may mean water nuclear pollution if not disasters for lack of nuclear experience and knowledge. You too, by this way, put your water needs and security in outside hands since you depend on outside technology and nuclear fuel to run the nuclear plants. For the nuclear option your country must be well developed in nuclear technology with the adequate capacity to manage correctly the nuclear energy.

Dr. Mahmoud M. Rabbani
Is a scientist who works and writes in environmental affairs

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