viernes, 4 de noviembre de 2011

Industrial estates can be partially turned to green energies

Indusrial Estate Landaben in Pamplona, Spain

Wind turbines and solar panels will be becoming familiar sights at car assembly plants as automakers slash carbon emissions not only of the models they produce, but along the whole production chain.
From 2013, BMW has decided to install wind turbines at its plant in Leipzig in eastern Germany to provide the power for the assembly of its electric and hybrid models, the i3 and the i8, being unveiled at this year's IAA motor show.
French giant Renault boasts that has opened a "zero-carbon" factory at Tangiers, Morocco, powered by wind turbines while biomass generators provide steam and heating and manufacturing waste is recycled.
And in an investment that could prove attractive not only in image terms, but in financial terms, too, the auto giant is planning to equip its French sites with solar panels by 2012.
Further information about green energies in car assembly plants in:

Well, that can be extended too covering many industry plants and workshops that capture wind and solar energy in their areas. Then it will not be unusual to see solar panels upon roofs of premises in industrial estates and wind turbines decorating their panoramas. New sources of renewable energies can be so operated in situ to satisfy some of energy demands in factories and workshops in industrial parks.

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