martes, 30 de marzo de 2010

Exploring to choose your way in solar energy

Exploring to choose your way in solar energy:

Solar energy is attractive since it has no greenhouse gas emissions and there is no fuel costs for running the solar power plants as sun’s rays are free. You have actually in the market the solar thermal power plant, also known as concentrating solar where sun’s rays are concentrated by mirrors over a water container and is used to vaporize water into steam to power a turbine generating electricity. Solar thermal power only works effectively on a large power- plant scale. You need a very large budget, land and too a team to control and run the power system. Large solar thermal power plant costs nearly double that of an equivalent fossil fuel power plant that produces the same quantity of electricity. Photovoltaic (PV) panel plants cost of a similar size double that of solar thermal energy. PV panel plants which work on the principle of the movement of electrons between layers when the sun strikes the materials generating electricity has the advantage of modularity where you can install solar panels in small spaces as roof tops of houses as well as solar PV plants in large places as in what is called electricity farms.

Solar energy needs incentives, you cannot wait until it is cost competitive on its own, and you may miss the train and opportunity to manage the appropriate way in the market. That does not mean that you waste your money and that of the nation in economically unviable solar energy plants that need subsidies indefinitely. You need to structure stimulus subsidies payments so that you yield a stable green industry that supports itself. Strict standards in subsidies are necessary to avoid low quality, poorly designed plants and inadequately located to capture sunshine. And the lavish subsidies may inflate solar installation costs at a time when they be rapidly decreasing elsewhere in part because of increasing competition from other panel makers and too of new types of new material panels , and also because of higher volumes produced economies of scale.

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