miércoles, 17 de marzo de 2010

Global warming debate goes on

Few days ago, according to a columnist in a newspaper and in his own words “We appear to have been battered to a submissive intellectual pulp by the pro- climate change lobby, although it was only 35 years ago, when I interviewed the world's principal climate experts for the Washington Post, the consensus was that the earth was cooling.
Today some of these same scientists rubbish those who hold the previous hypothesis.
Within as short space of 20 years they had fundamentally changed their minds. But 20 years is nothing compared with the very slow evolution that they were looking at. How could they argue the reverse of what they thought it was such a short time before?”
My comment which has not been published was: “Me as a chemistry professor, as many scientists around the world, taught thirty years ago in a Spanish university about global warming and that it was due to greenhouse gas emissions, mainly CO2; that fact was not only in published scientific papers, but too included in chemistry university textbooks written in English language. 95% of scientists certify that too today and few errors in some results and work methods cannot change the reality of global warming and climate change. That will guide the direction of the future world economy and those who begin earlier to tackle with the problem directing towards green alternatives with new and renewable energies will be the first winners”.

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